Friday, January 25, 2013

You know me, Just like a dog with a bone, If something doesn’t work, I can’t make it work

I think I am back.  Will know more if this goes to the blog.  Writing it in Live-writer.  Don’t know a whole lot more than yesterday.  Warmer today.  It was weird weather yesterday.  In the pan handle it was 60 degrees and here it was trying to get 20.  It started warming up during the night.  Not sure  what it is now.  I am so frustrated with Chrome.  It won’t uninstall.  I  went to  to the Google chrome troubleshooting page and it says it won’t install on windows seven and then gives instructions on how to install on windows seven. By that time I quit.  Chrome isn’t all that different than IE but my page was all that was on it and all I would have to do was click the icon and it was there.  They are just trying to get to fancy.  I have looked into other blog placer like Tumbler and Wardress.  Even posted on Word press once but  I hate to say this bot Google blogger is home.  The 29th a worker is coming out from Coventry, which is for poor old people to have insurance, to do an evaluation.  It does not affect our coverage.  They just want to know our life history.  They have been trying to get Joe for the last 2 years since he has been on it.  He just won’t give in.  He said “I will be gone the 29th”.  Think I will go get my shower over with.


jack69 said...

Some days it just won't come together. I don't know the places you are discussing. Too many options for me. I just keep plugging with the same back ground and blog. I shop around I forget where I was....

shirl72 said...

Thanks for up dating me on Spunky. I don't want him
to hurt he is such a happy boy.

Lucy I wish I knew half as much as you and Jack knew on the computer. I used a computer at work but only
to put rep. expense reports in and send them to
Corp. Office to be paid. Sometime I would type
their reports. I am afraid to try different things
for fear I will get into something and can't back out.
I just do e-mail and blogs and don't write many blogs.
I do stay busy with my volunteer work at Historic House.

Hope You, Spunky and Joe are staying warm and you are
taking care of yourself.

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