Saturday, January 26, 2013

It will be a long day (I can feel it in my bones)

Let’s see if this is going to post to my blog.  It is , like me. Confused!!!! Good thing none of my blogger friends are here or it will  have us all confused. Spunky is much better but he had it once before only not as bad.  So I suppose we will wind up having the tooth pulled.  She said it would be about 300.00.  She takes payments.  She has had him for a good 5 years since we left Forney.  Now internet explorer is  giving me trouble.  Stop working every so often.  I think I  jinxed it when I yelled at it.  Poor thing, it isn’t even his fault.   You notice I called the computer  a he.  That is because a woman would never be so unreliable.  Going to see if this will post.  Wish me luck.


slj said...

Good afternoon Lucy,
I'm glad that Spunky is doing better..Thank goodness the vet takes payments:)
Lol at the thought of your computer being referred to as a man..HA...
Hope you have better luck with getting your computer to do what you want it too..

Jean said...

Good evening Lucy, I'm glad Spunky is going to get that tooth out. These Vet bills are getting to look like our medical doctors bill. Lol. When Jett broke his leg it cost me in all around $500. I pay around $45.00 a month for their Flea and worm. Yes, these dogs are expensive to keep up, but we love them. Lol. Take care, Jean

Paula said...

Now you have enlightened me. My computer acts up because it is a man.

shirl72 said...

Lucy I do hope Spunky get better...

I was on FB and got so upset with the things
I would read I just cancelled. Then I think
maybe I would go back on and then when I hear
how people are so mean posting things I will stay off.

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