Friday, February 8, 2013

I think the flu that was going around found it’s way to me

I have coughed until my ribs hurt.  Finally just got up cause it is worse laying down.  We are supposed to get some bad weather again.I kept hearing  the word blizzard condition.  So far nothing.  It can stay that way. Spunky is getting back to normal. He is supposed to get 3 cans of a special dog food a day now and it is just a normal size can and it costs 2.39 a can.  We are going to do it through one case which I think there are 12 in them.  Then we are supposed to get a bag of dry of the same kind and mix the 2 together.  The dry is just as expensive.  On top of that last night he came in from outside after doing his duty and howled at me cause I didn’t have any treats for him.  His lavish life style of treats of all kinds are gone.  I gave him 3 pieces of dry dog food and that shut him up. He has cost us a bundle but thank goodness they take payments.


Forty Pound Sack said...

Good morning, Lucy! I hope your nasty weather just blows on by you. I bet you could do without it, right?

jack69 said...

Hope the weather passes you by and Spring comes soon to NE

Jean said...

It was a spring (felt like spring) day here today and I got some much needed things done outside. Now this old lady is tired out. Lol. I hope the weather up your way doesn't get to bad. We've had a lot of rain here wish it was snow but it's to warm to snow. I'm sounding like Sheila now. Lol. Take care. Jean

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