Saturday, February 9, 2013

Spunky is ruling the roost.

It is 7:0 O’clock in the morning and guess who got pilled and fed.  The boss and he is furry and short legs.  While he was wolfing down that can of dog food, I thought , 2.39 for the dog food  and more than likely at least 1.50 for pills. but he is worth it.  I am sure he will be our last dog because we are hoping not to have him still be here when Joe and I are gone.  He is older and a little upkeep on him now and few people would take him.  I imagine everyone is so sick of hearing about our furry kid I better quit yakking so much.  The western part of Ne. has blizzard warning’s.  I sure hope it stays west.  It is supposed to rain here and from there on the weather man is a bit vague as to what happens.  I am supposed to go to the doctor, the heart Dr. that hollered at me, Tues.  My yearly exam, for the a-fib plus he may check me out a little more since I had that partial loss of vision.  I bet he doesn’t yell even if I have Coventry cause the hospital  accepts it now.  My nephew was married at about 18, or younger.  They ran off and got married.  They had a girl and boy and Lee’s wife was a beauty.  When the kids were in high school every time we saw them which was not often, his wife was all of a sudden a chain smoker and very withdrawn.  We did not know at the time but she had been diagnosed with a mental disorder that helped if she took the meds.  She quit taking them and totally went out of reality.  To make a long story short, My nephew  left and asked the kids if they wanted to go to Texas with him and they did.  It has been years.  His  ex-wife moved into an apartment by herself and just simply quit going out, kept to herself and her family got her food and she could still cook but smoked like a fiend.  Her son inherited her disorder and committed suicide by pouring gasoline all over himself and his truck and set himself on fire.  Her daughter got word night before last that no one had been able to get in to her apartment so the Sherriff came out and she was dead in that filthy apartment and they think she had been dead for about 2 weeks.  Her daughter is on her way from Texas to here to get her mother cremated and clean out her apartment.  Her husband and his brother are coming with her.  I better straighten up my house because she wants to see my kids and definitely will be here to visit me.  I just hope she is prepared , and I feel so bad for her .  She had so many mixed feelings over her mother.  Another true life story so will stop now.  It makes me think of my sister that had Alzheimer's..


Paula said...

A sad true story. I hope the daughter at least enjoys her visit with you. SPUNKY is the man!

shirl72 said...

Lucy that is so sad life sure has it's up and downs. I hope the her daughter is prepared for this tradegy. I'm sure she will enjoy her visit with You, Joe and precious Spunky.

I am so glad to hear he is doing good. I thought he would
bounce back. If he last longer than you and Joe you can
put him on a plane and I will pay for his fight to NC and
tell them to take care of him during his travel. Or maybe
I will have Jack and Sherry to travel that way and pick
him up.. Remember my Chancy lived 21 years.

jack69 said...

Life is tough at best, but disorders and human frailties make it worse. We all do the best we can in this life and hope it is enough.
((HUGS)) Glad you all are getting along better..... Well you do, with a good boss around..

Forty Pound Sack said...

I never get tired of hearing about Spunky :) Sounds like your nephew has had more than his share of hurting. Prayers for him and his daughter ~

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