Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It is raining and I mean rain for over an hour. Supposed to snow tonight.

Hope there is no water in the basement.  There wasn’t last time but after the mess we had last year, we send up a little prayer every time it rains.  I just opened the shade and it is wet out there.  Don’t know a whole lot.  Gabby and Mike brought Liam over on their way home from the Dr.  He is 2 months and weighs 12lbs now and and he got 5 shots.  He was a good baby.  I held him but he is more active now and it was cool watching him. That little boy catches mom and dad and he looked at me last night.    As mom and dad said, he sees us regardless of what the doctors say about  their eyes.  The sun was shining in the door and he looked at that and our ceiling fan.  His mom and dad interact with him a lot.


shirl72 said...

What a cute baby.

Lucy I think at times I will put a blog on and
then I get busy and forget. Summer is so busy yard work take my time.

Sherry and I try to walk 4 miles everyday.
Then I have to rest. YOu and Jack do a good
job.. I may write about my birds.


He is a sweet baby for sure. Hope your basement doesn't flood.

Anonymous said...

Might take weeks if not months until the next rain over here.

Wishing you all a kind Thursday ahead.

jack69 said...

Nice of family to drop by, and good you enjoy the tyke. It keeps you out of trouble for a little while anyway! LOL

Hope you don't get snow. I think Joe has the basement taken care of. Stopping water in a basement is honestly one of the hardest jobs in construction.

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
He is just precious:) Glad you got to spend some time with him...
We have had so much rain...They did say that we may get some flurries tomorrow..ugh..we are supposed to have rain all the way thru Friday..Saturday is the only day it's supposed to be dry..
Hope your basement stays dry:)

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