Friday, April 19, 2013

I think this will be short

I was in a so, so mood when I got up and then I went to facebook.  Now I am in a rotten mood.  Some things go on in there that I know I don’t like so why the heck don’t I just stay out of there.  Hey, I just opened the shade and the SUN is out.  I hardly recognized it.  More than likely offended 2 of my grandkids that live right here in Lincoln.  I am to old to judge them.  I am not really judging them, just expressing an opinion.  I think all of this tragedy must affect this old lady.  Need to get out of this funk.  Now if Spring temperatures would come, that may help.


Paula said...

Just saying "good morning" to you Lucy. Got here early for a change and should be doing so many other things. Have a good day!

jack69 said...

Hope you get un-funked!
Opinions are like ------ Everyone has one! LOL Yeah better sometimes not to opinionate on family, but it is hard for some of us to NOT express opinions. WE KNOW SO MUCH, that 'they' will only learn later, as we did. LOL

Hope the weather continues good.


Hope your mood improved throughout the day. And that the weather improves. Here we had sleet and snow tonight.

shirl72 said...

Lucy warm weather will be here soon. I just don't
want it to get real hot weather. We had storms today.
The birds are still there and they are practicing their
wings. The mother is very tiny. I'm hoping they will
soon fly out because I have to keep an eye out for
the cats up the way. I like animals but don't want them
eating my birds. Hope Spunky is doing good. I bet he
would take care of the cats if he was here. Until next
time hope you get to feeling better.

Lucy I deleted facebook and sometime I think I would
like to go back. but when I hear everything on there
I say don't go there.

JOHN said...

Hope your day got better.I think you have Grandmothers rights to voice your Opinion.You can always end your opinion it with Bless your Might ease the sting a little.

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