Saturday, April 20, 2013

Did not Like My Blue background

I think I am coming out of my funk.  My nephew  and his wife, from Texas stopped in for a while.  He and his brother lost their mother when she was only 23.  So we as a family did as much as we could to help my brother but we were all poor farmers and he had no idea where to start with the kids.  So the kids got shunted around for a while and then at the age of 14 I went down to the farm and stayed with them and their dad.  My nephew and I, the older of the 2 became close. I had to go back to school so my sister quit her job and moved in.  She met her husband through my brother.  When they got married they took the boys to live with them.  They had clean clothes, food,but lacked the love a mother would have had for them.  By the time the boys became teenagers , I was married and had kids and they were able to get part time jobs.  Every time my older nephew got a chance he would walk all the was to my house when he got off work.  My sister that raised them was fairly unstable and could have been better to the boys.  However, she died of Alzheimer's at age 80.  I believe she was suffering a form of extreme reactions to small things for a number of years before the disease set in.  We all try to do what is best at times like that but  my contribution was to accept my nephew when he came out. His brother drifted away from all of us.  Enough of that.  I think the weather may figure out what spring feels like and it may give us some warmer temperatures.  Hopefully before fall gets here.


jack69 said...

A good read, I like hearing about your family.
It seems many families families have those children that get shifted around. In our family it was a wonderful guy, my uncle Ralph.

Paula said...

I know you did what you could and I'm sure they remember your kindness.


Glad you're feeling more chipper.

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
That was nice of them to stop by and see you..I'm sure you made more of an impact in his life than you realize:)
Glad you're getting out of that funk..Hope you have a wonderful day...

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