Sunday, April 21, 2013

Another day, supposed to be warmer today

I have been busy downloading a  protection plan for my PC. and that is a long process.  when it s free., for a while anyway.  My internet explorer is corrupted they said, whoever they, are.  Yesterday seems like a long day.  I am having a tremendous amount of pain and numbness in my entire left leg.  The opposite of my new knee.  It is just going to have to hurt.  It is the one that has taken so long  for the eczema  to heal.  Noticed another little patch on the same leg on my ankle bone.  So I am using  my miracle cream that has healed the one I had for so long..  Family is up so have to go.  Later.


slj said...

Good afternoon Lucy,
Hopefully using the cream right away will heal it faster..if not, go see your doctor:)
Hope you feel better..


Hope the protection plan takes care of your problem.

shirl72 said...

We are having cool weather. We have had the most unpredictable year. We go from 80's to 40.

Hope the cream helps your leg. I know it worries you.

I have been watching TV most of the time following
what has happened after the Boston Marathon bombings.

Take care.

jack69 said...

Somehow my comments are getting lost in space. Hope you get all the ecxema under control.

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