Monday, April 22, 2013

More rain last night and, ad more on the way

It rained  last night and again this morning… I hope it soaks right in to our troubled dry ground.  Shirl I did the same thing watched the after math of of the attack and mostly the one younger .  I was on Facebook very late  for a Short while and  almost   got in trouble with some fellow that was talking to himself .  It takes time and I don’t care for it much .  I had a wicked half a night, I am having trouble with my left hip. More than I ever had with the right knee.  I don’t want  to see a chiropractor  but I don’t want any more surgeries. either.  It sends sharp pain through the entire left leg and then it will burn all the way up and down.. I can’t afford surgery even AFTER our Insurance , It  don’t hardly touch it.  I better close this  before anyone of family gets up.



So sorry to hear your hip is giving you trouble. It is painful for sure.

Paula said...

I too am sorry to hear you are in pain. I wonder if Acupuncture would help you. It sure helped my back and it wasn't too expensive.

jack69 said...

Sometimes, a little too much rain is a back breaker. Hope the basement staysdry. It is mid day and I am sleeping here t the wheel.

shirl72 said...

Lucy I hope it is nothing serious. You have had your
share of pain and time for you to get better. I like
you I'm not to sure about surgery these days I hear so
many stories about it going wrong. I do hope you get
to feeling better. Maybe when you start having warm
weather things will get better. Lets hope.

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