Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Always unorganized but it works for me.

Good morning  Everyone.  It is here except  it is cold and I mean cold. Trying to find  something more readable.  I think this will be best.  I had my electric blanket on and hated to get out of it, but the leg insists.  Sometimes it helps and sometimes not.  I know I am going to get backed into a corner with that stupid leg and do something.  Maybe  will have to use the cane or long time, I am thinking, walker. I don’t want to go to either one but I will do it before I give up.  I am going to express an opinion here and wonder how many people will agree or disagree.  I won’t get angry at any way you vote.  So here goes. I feel that I see people with clothes on that are nearly falling  to pieces but they have a smart phone and a Kindle and an I Pad.  I have been behind people in the grocery store with a cart load of food, with an I Phone to their ear and paying with food stamps.  I feel so strongly that especially welfare people should not be having a smart Phone.  I believe that is abusing the system and make it tough for me to under stand how on earth they can do it and not be ashamed.



I guess everybody needs a phone to conduct daily business. But they all don't have to be I-Phones.

Claudia said...

There is no such thing as shame anymore, it has become an entitlement.

jack69 said...

You said: I believe that is abusing the system and make it tough for me to under stand how on earth they can do it and not be ashamed. (you are right)

Your government has trained folks to depend on it. No one has explained to the 'Receivers' that someone's taxes paid for the 'entitlements' they have been told over and over are theirs.
I am not going to get into politics, but the more a Party gives away the more is asked for.

Yes politicians have bought votes by GIVING 'your' money! The press can find more 'stories' to tell to pull at heart strings.

YES some folks need help, Yes some folks deserve it, Yes some folk would work it was available.

Then Yes, some folk do not want to work (I know some personally), Some folk would rather have food stamps than work for min. wage. Yes some folk would rather sell the food stamps at half value so they can buy alcohol or drugs.

Yes there are folks who would pick up cans to sell before they would take a hand out, I respect them, but they are the ones that deserve it.

I would work for food, before I would stand on a corner in good health and ask for handouts while getting assistance from the gov't.

You started it! LOL now I can't shut up! LOL I laugh and it isn't even funny.

Your observations are the same as mine, and I get mad also.

Paula said...

I agree with you Lucy and Jack has a good comment here.

shirl72 said...

Lucy I agree with you I have few more complaints.
The tatoos they have all over their body cost money.
I could add more, like hair do's and nails done.
They are using our money to have these luxuries.

Jean said...

I agree with you Lucy. Like Jack I know some personal that are doing that, and they are covered in tatoos also. I'm doing some better I hope to get back to blogging soon. Take care. Jean

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