Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It is cold here today. So what is new????

The weather man had a weird forecast last night.  Supposed to be a high of 29 and the low 26.  Then he explained that 29 was to be later this morning and then it might crawl up to 40 or a little higher.  I hate the weather when it is supposed to be Spring.  Good news ahead, It is supposed to be warm tomorrow.  In the upper 60’s.  I go at noon to get my hair cut again.  Ever since I started having it cut short several months ago, I need it cut again. Had the thought of growing it out but decided not to. I think I would take one look in the mirror and run to the nearest hair dresser.

I think I am so passionate about the subject of welfare is because I see some of the poorest looking people standing in line at the grocery with their smart phones plastered to their ear and when she hits total, out comes the food stamps, or I guess they have changed that to a kind of booklet.  Plus  the alcoholic house next door and the only girl got married and she beat the system with each child she had and then taught her girls how to do the same.  When my kids were little and we divorced I got 75.00 a month and a house to live in till I remarried, I paid all of the utilities, worked when I could but never drew a dime in food stamps.  4 kids at that time. No one knew all the tricks I had to stretch a pound of hamburger.  One babysitter I had, I didn’t get the kids meal fixed for some reason so I handed her a package of hamburger and told her to make  one patty for each kid, and we had day old bread store hamburger buns.  She said “I fix a package of hamburger like that for 2 patties at home.” So I crumbled cracker crumbs in it and put an egg in it and told her t squish it and make patties.  She did. and the kids were satisfied.  She thought it was a terrible idea to eat a mixture like that, so I told her it was good for meatloaf, just add onion and put catsup on top of that.  I said by the way if the catsup is real low put a little water in the bottle and shake it up.  More often than not we didn’t have catsup.  I took no welfare money and I didn’t have a telephone of any kind.  Must go.



Somehow there's always a way to make ends meet when you need it most.

slj said...

Good afternoon Lucy,
Lol..we're all still waiting for spring..We are supposed to hit the 60s for the week-end..AND no rain...woohoo..I am so looking forward to some nice weather:)

shirl72 said...

We also had cool weather today..should rain tonight.
Warm tomorrow and the rain for the week-end. I wonder
if we are going to have summer.

Hope you are feeling better..Tell Joe and Spunky I
said hello.

Paula said...

It's cold here tonight. Can you believe after being hot already?

Forty Pound Sack said...

My mom could stretch a buck, too. WIsh I had paid more attention. I like to spend money and will probably be wroking till I drop dead. BUT - I agree, the folks who need "help" are often the ones with the best toys, like the smart phones and the e-readers. Library books are fine for me.

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