Thursday, April 25, 2013


I am hoping this will at least let me squeeze a few lines into this. I think I see Spring fighting to get in.  By Saturday 79 possibly 80,  I had the prettiest yellow flowers out but I bet this will tell if they got froze.  It was to get down to 22 last night and about the same the day before. I know many people have planted gardens and have some stuff up.  Usually those that have been doing it for a while know what to plant and how to keep them safe.  Not me.  Dad always planted early but not early enough to chance a frost.  In his day that was a big garden and had to watered by carrying it to them.  Lot’s of hard work.  I got my hair cut short again.  Have any of you ladies ever tried to grow out short hair so you could have a little change in style?  I tried for 4 weeks and gave up.It looked so cruddy and shaggy.  My leg has eased off on the pain but I still have to  be so careful of it.  Joe let me out of the house he thought I had improved so much.  Yippee.  Joe is up so I had better get off of this computer.


jack69 said...

Hey, I've been trying to grow out my no-hair for ten years, it don't work. Fagitaboutit. LOL

Glad you are seeing some signs of Spring, we are up and down here also. Just not as far down thank goodness. Hope the leg continues to improve.

Love from down here.


I keep all my plants in containers so they are easy to move. Yesterday we had sleet and snow flurries here. Going up to 60 tomorrow. So maybe you're right Lucy spring is here at long last.

Forty Pound Sack said...

We're looking at high 70's for the weekend. Weird how it goes from 30's and 40's to 70's just like that, but I don't care - I'll take the heat however it comes. I'm sick of winter. I want green!

Paula said...

Yes Lucy I recently thought I was going to let my hair grow but it got so shaggy I was right back to getting it cut like a boy. At least when boys wore their hair short. lol

shirl72 said...

Glad you are having some warm weather. I will
have my hair cut next week.

Glad your leg is doing better. It takes time to heal .

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