Friday, April 26, 2013

A beautiful day yesterday once it warmed up

It is hard to believe it could get to 80 by Saturday.  I got the courage to go out and look at my flower beds.  They don’t look to bad  On one end where I had my ornamental grass it looks like something is trying to come through.  I had a pretty orange day lily but I started dividing them up because they were so crowded.  I gave most to Kathy.  I kept, at the most 4 bulbs. That may be what is trying to come up.  I hope so.  All of the iris is up and looking healthy despite low temps of 22 day before yesterday, in the morning. and the same yesterday but then it straightened up and did what spring is supposed to do.  I had to get new phone a while back so I went to Shopko and had one just like my old one. Then the salesman pointed out they had a Uniden on sale.  It was cheaper than the one I had so I asked it it was wall mountable and he said yes, so I bought the darn thing.  I wish I had not.  I hate it.  There was no  wall mount in the box.  It has celllink  for cell phones.  Joe has a cell phone he got for 19.99 and when he runs out of minutes he goes and buys a card and activates it. His is mainly because he has a heart problem.  Uses it to call time and temp. and that is the extent of it.  So far he has not had to use it for his heart.  I went on line to look for a wall mount for mine. and it looks like an “s” shape and we would have to pay nearly 5.00 for it.  They can keep it.  I have never had to pay for a wall mount in all the years I have had a phone.


jack69 said...

You are just one stubborn woman. Get Joe to drive a nail thru the darn thing, that should hang it. LOL

Yeah it is frustrating when you are talked into something and then all the parts are not there. I think 'sometimes' it is our AGE, and they think because we are old we are ignorant, and it really doesn't make any difference.

Hope you do get the 80's...


Glad your flower beds don't look like they need alot of work. It'll make it easier to plant flowers. Mine are a mess, so I just use containers by the porch.

Paula said...

Your yard will be looking pretty soon as always.

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