Saturday, April 27, 2013

It is supposed to get up to maybe 79 or 80. ABOUT TIME

WE will not know how to act even though it has been pretty nice here for 2 days.  It is very foggy this morning..  Supposed to burn off by noon.  Spunky has been spending more time outside but I am not sure he should.  What else is their to eat but bird doo doo, rabbit and squirrel doo doo out there.  He noses down in the grass in the backyard and he is  eating something.  But since he has been doing that I think he has not been doing so well. We can’t ban  him for wanting to be out.  He just does not understand that he is going to get ahold of something that will be grosser and make him very sick.  Our yard in front is just very slow greening up but  it is the kind of grass that is the last to green up.  We let it go dormant last year early because of the water restrictions..  On TV the people are saying they have the same problem.  The man that bought that house next to us for a song because of back taxes is trying to redo the front porch floor and tighten up the rails.  He is putting a lot of money in it and hopefully that will get decent renters.  I sure hope he paints it.  We get big pieces of paint in our yard  when the wind blows.



Our grass is dried out here too in places from last year. poor Spunky eating what he shouldn't. ENJOY the warmth today, Lucy.

shirl72 said...

Glad you are having some warm weather. I think it will
help Spunky being in the Sun and enjoying outdoors and
it makes him happy.

About my birds the Mother taught them how to spread
their wings and away they flew. I had heard that a
bird would not use a nest that other birds had used.
Well I took the bird house down went inside and look outside and there was a bird with nest building material in her mouth so I went back out and put the bird house back up. I did move it down 3 spaces not to be right at my door. The new birds are renovating the house. The other day I looked out and there were 2 couples looking over the house. It may have been some of their helpers. The birds will not pay rent. Lucy just like you were talking about in your blog they are for anything free. hee hee

So I have new tenants on my front porch.

jack69 said...

I just hope you get some interesting neighbors, like Batman & Robin or Big Bird. That would make Joe's life take on a new look.
Glad the weather is starting to warm up, ours is taking a nose dive, Mother nature is have a lot of fun this year.


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