Sunday, April 28, 2013

Took me a While to get Here

Will see if I can get writer to find my blog and put it where it is supposed to be..  Had to change my settings on Chrome.  May not have had to if my IE were not corrupted.  I went to the IE download page and tried downloading a new  One and did not find one.  I am like a dog with a bone.  I won’t give up until all options are finished.. I do not like change and blogger is insisting we will all have to accept it.  I will be happy if it works and this blog should tell the story.  Supposed to get up to 79, possibly 80 today.  I would like to get some Preen weed killer and some flowers for the wishing well.  I used preen before and it is about the only thing you don’t have to be careful with or it will kill plants.  I have a feeling Joe is going to say “no”to all.  Of course I will go along with it until Monday or Tues. and I will announce I am going to Shopko since I have a little money on my gift card.  I am going to make this short till I see what it will do.


jack69 said...

It looks good to me. Your hand writing is a little shaky, but then so is mine. LOL
Imma thinking you found the root cause, NOW LEAVE IT ALONE! LOL
Hope you get the warm weather, we have dropped back to cool.

slj said...

Good morning Lucy,
Your blog looks good..
lol..I try not to hit to many buttons because I don't know where I will end up..You are very adventurous...
Planting some flowers sounds like fun..I may do that this year..if it ever warms up for more than one day..Ha-ha..
Have a great day,


Blog looks fine. Interesting font you're using. I'm allergic to weed killer, so I'm stuck looking at the weeds like I said in my blog post yesterday. Good luck with yours.

shirl72 said...

Lucy you and your computer keeps things interesting.
I like you heard that birds would not use a nest again.
But she's sitting in the house just looking around.
I will take this bird house down when this is over. I have silk flowers in it so she fills safe it is not
open just to go in the door and she can fly out one of
the windows. She feels safe I guess that is good.

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