Monday, April 29, 2013

We Will Have one More Warm day

Then a week of highs about 50 and lows in the 40’s.  I must say it was almost hot yesterday.  Got up to 87.  My elderly body does not adjust so quick.  I hate to admit it but not used to a fan and just kept looking at the clock, wishing for sleep.  Joe still has the air conditioner covered or I would have had it on.  I also hate to admit it but I found yesterday  that I can’t maneuver in my flower beds like I did.  I saw a dandelion , actually many, but I went after the one.  As you all know dandelion roots grow deep.  I got most of it out but reached down to try to get  some left overs and that ground down about an inch or so is down right cold.  So I think today is supposed to be about like yesterday and by evening it is to start with a cold wave.  I may wait on my flowers.  I should not even plant any because I simply can not get around like I used to.  I would have mine in containers and drag them in and out but I don’t have room in the house for any except maybe one or 2. Tarryterre says she does that. I can plant my wishing well cause I can cover it if it gets cold.  We do have a thriving crop of dandelions and we won’t spray for them cause it just costs to much.  It is to late for the Preen for the flower beds.  Needed to get it on right after the snow melted.  They got ahead of me.  Better end this book.



Yep I do that container planting. But dragging all of them around is hard like you said. Especially with bad knees. Hope the temps stabilize so you can ENJOY some sunshine without it being too hot.

shirl72 said...

Lucy I have lots of dandelions in my natural area in the back. It has been so wet I have not been able to get out and work. We had hard rain all day yesterday. Little better today. I will have my hair app. Wednesday. Things are quite around the area. Sat. will be booming will be a busy day we will all be at Garibadi fest with Jack.

Paula said...

We have another cold snap (as they used to call them) coming Thursday. Strange weather for here. Had rain yesterday and today and we're thankful.

jack69 said...

Yes, we really do hate to admit we cannot do what we used to do. I was glad to finish that job today. Not sure I could have gotten up and down too many more times. LOL

I cannot grow anything, I am good at loving plants to death. I know you just can't wait.


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