Saturday, May 18, 2013

Another Day is here. Live Writer, do your stuff

Hope this works out.  All of it.  Yesterday it behaved very well.   I921351_10200575317939501_615435026_oposted good.  This picture is of Christopher is at the State Capitol.  He is pointing out the window and there is a view of part of Lincoln. It is so impressive to me because you can tell by his pointing he has a lot of things he wants to say.  He just can’t get them out.  So far speech therapy is not working.  When he giggles, he makes us laugh out loud.  All I can say we love the little guy with all our hearts and he is no dummy.  I have to go into Gabby’s pictures and  download some of Liam, since I lost his also. Ron said last Sunday the were there and Liam got fussy, so they left, hoping he would nap for Gabby and Mike because they were going to meet her mom for Mothers Day.  Joe broke down and mowed the yard.    It is at least not a sea of yellow dandelions.  He cut them off.   There is still a little more grass and weeds  coming up.  That mower  that he did not want Ron to leave with us, cause they were still kind of bad feelings over the repairs they did on the plumbing and put 2 stubborn men in the same room, doing things one way and the other thinks he knows best.  Now Joe brags on the Mower.  Better see if this posts.


jack69 said...

Love the picture of Chris in the sand box. Glad you are getting happier about your postings and feel more comfortable. Confuser problems we older folk do not need!!!! hahahah Love to my buddy Joe!


Paula said...

Christopher is such a cute little boy.


Such a cutie that little one.

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