Friday, May 17, 2013

Will try this again

How this will turn out will be a mystery until I post it and even then it is a while before it shows up944674_10200575311619343_161497104_nIf it does????  I have a set of pictures I downloaded, all of the  best little grandson  who is a joy to be around. His mom has just a small camera but she gets the best pictures,  This is the State Capitol.  He walked to the Capitol but she had to carry him up the steps.  At any rate I have a sequence of him in the capitol that is so cool..  You may be seeing a quite a few of him.  I lost all of my pictures when I was trying to get this computer. to do a few things right.  It is hot but cooled off last night.  We need rain.  At this time our water is up to the point that we won’t be restricted on water use but use it wisely.  Our grass is shot I think.   One nursery man said, cut it , rake it and reseed it with fescue.  He said it is far better than blue grass.  Joe wants to leave it brown so he doesn’t have to cut it.


jack69 said...

Cute picture. The brown grass? Joe B Smart!
I think you have the Blogger entry working...

Beth Niquette said...

What a darling photo. You must just LOVE that little guy.

I laughed over the brown grass. Our yard is so bad, we usually let it go all summer long--there is moss, dandelions, heal all, violets, and daisies everywhere. It always comes back in the fall. LOL

Have a love day, my Friend!


Your grandson is a cutie for sure.

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
Well, your post made it guess you figured it out..
Yes, Christopher is a handsome little guy..
I think Joe has the answer...That was a good one:)

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