Saturday, May 4, 2013

Here I am again with Live Writer not working

  1. So here I am again with no live writer.  Guess I will  be able to live without it but it was handy.  Don't think I will write to much.  Running late again.  Sounds like I am not retired.  As soon as Joe gets his rear out of bed  I will take to the showers.  Sundays are not very active, at least on my blog.    It s supposed to be raining off and on today and chilly but tomorrow we should be getting warmer.  Next week is supposed to be in the upper 70's all week.  Will have to work on my computer again today.  Got it mostly set up yesterday.  This poor thing is getting old like me. 2 of my grandkids commented on Facebook that tatoos were an art, just like art hanging  on the wall.  One was Liams mom and the other, Christophers dad.  I pointed out that I did not know how they could afford them, especially Liam's mom but I did not single her out.  Then I had a thought and commented again that as a person who was old and wrinkled, wouldn't their tatoos wrinkle along with their bodies.  Haven't been back in facebook since, but  I will get there today.  I never knew that art walked around.


Claudia said...

I had heard a few years back that a tattoo the size of quarter cost about $50. I often wondered about it myself. Lots of people complain they don't have money but they smoke, have tatoos and drink copious amount of beer. Go figure, they just don't know how to manage their life and money.

Paula said...

Maybe some tattoos could be considered art but when someone has big dark one after the other tattoos on their legs or arms I don't think they look good at all.


Art can be an expression of pretty much anything these days, Lucy. Enjoy those warmer temps.

shirl72 said...

When they get older the Grandkids will ask...WHAT DID
THAT USE TO BE...Personally I think they are ugly why
would you want to mess up a beautiful body. I always
wonder how people on food stamps and free rent have their bodies tatooed all over. They call them tramp stamps...CLASSLESS.

jack69 said...

DaDGUMMIT, you are old enough to know your opinion to a youngster don't mean a hill of beans. hahaha

I have no problem with A tattoo. But the whole arm or body is ridiculousness. No it is not like are hanging on a wall. BUT you are not going to change their minds.
((HUGS)) Good luck at trying! LOL

Forty Pound Sack said...

Good morning, Miss Lucy! I am late, as usual, but I bet you will get my comment sometime. Hope you have a good week. We're having beautiful weather, so I bet you are, too. Once, I went to a wedding and as the girls came down the aisle, they all looked so beautiful in their dresses, but when they stood at the alter, they all had tattoos on their backs and necks and shoulders. Not so pretty. But, to each their own, I guess. And you're right: on young skin, they look one way, but gain weight or develop wrinkles and they look really bad.

Anonymous said...

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