Friday, May 3, 2013

It is still cold, got down in the 20’s

My computer is crawling slowly this morning.  I still have not been to Best Buy. Looks like I better go soon.  I really don’t know if this will land where it is supposed to or not. I will have every size font on here if I keep up.  I already have a “Computer headache”.  It is computer generated.  Joe will be getting up soon.  I actually thought I had a stranger inhabit Joe’s body.  We actually did not have one problem yesterday.  Still trying to figure out what happened. He even washed dishes for me.  Maybe the Bohemian in him quieted down a little.  Nah, just a temporary glitch, I bet. I am not at all happy with this computers performance.  With my internet explorer being corrupted it seems nothing really turns out right.  Then I got a message that I could download  IE but I would have to buy and download windows 8.  If not my IE will not work.  I think that is black mail.



Hope your temps warm up soon.

Paula said...

Take the day and run with it when Joe is behaving. lol

slj said...

lol..I think I am going to get a computer
I went to Feedly but I didn't see any where that I would go to look for blogs..also, if I am asked for googles password, I will be lost because I don't have that written I go again..
You are much better at all of this than I am:)

shirl72 said...

Jack is busy getting ready for the festival tomorrow.
It is always a good time with crowds of poeple. I
have only attended one time. I will go tomorrow to
support Jack. His Grandsons will be doing music. I
guess the older I get I shy away from large crowds. But it will be a good family time.

Lisa said...

I love this font, it feels like we are writing letters to each other. It is making me feel nostalgic. Hello Lucy, it has been a while.

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