Thursday, May 2, 2013


I LOST MY ENTRY, could not find it so this may be short.  I do want to tell Paula, I know what you mean.  I  do not think I have been right since the day we got married.  If something comes up he can’t find, it is “what did you do with it.” That is when I want to  smack him.  No Jack, not the romantic kind of “smack”.  When my kids were home it was either my kids or me that h said took it.  Like you, 9 times out of ten, what ever he was looking for would pop up.  Speak of the devil, he just walked out so time to hit the shower’s.  If anyone gets in Facebook today go to my timeline and see Chris going down a slide in the park. laughing all the way.  He gets speech therapy now.  More tomorrow.



Hope the weather did not ruin your day.

jack69 said...

Now facts are facts. If you ain't right, you ain't right. At ain't my man Joe's fault. hahahahahaha

and you con't really want to smack my buddy!

Any I love you anyway. You are right many times (I think)! LOL

shirl72 said...

What bad weather. Our day was cloudy and it is cold.
They say it is going to rain Sunday. The bird is sitting
on her eggs. I bet she is happy to be out of the
weather. I can see her sitting there. I wonder if she
thinks at night when is she going to cut that light off so I can get my sleep. It will take a good cleaning to
get the house back in order. I don't know if I will
hang it back up when they all fly away. I probably will
hang it up with different flowers. At least it made 2
families happy.

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