Thursday, May 30, 2013

I can’t believe our street is dry

We have had 6 days of   nasty weather.  We had 8 tornados on the ground last night  at one time.  We just got heavy rain and thunder and lightening.  No water in the basement.  Considering this house is really old we have had good luck with water except the one we had where it got through out the basement.  I think Joe will listen to me and wash the gutters out every year or so.  My flowers are so saturated. Could not get  one more plant anywhere, I have stuffed the wishing well to much.  The flowers in the ground are getting plenty of water.  The iris has made it so I don’t know if there are weeds or not.  Joe likes flowers like that.  He is finally noticing all the broad leaf weeds and dandelions and is trying to get a few every day. The weeds pull up pretty good since the ground is so wet.  Yikes, I just looked out and it is raining again.  Mother nature needs to spread it out.


Haddock said...

Mother nature does what she pleases, though at times we do wish that she would spread it out. I can imagine how it is - six days of nasty weather.

slj said...

Mother nature is sending nasty weather this way too...We have tornado watches coming into effect..I don't like to go to sleep when the weather is so nasty..
So glad you aren't getting water in your basement..that would be the good news:)
Hope the rain stops soon,

shirl72 said...

We are having very hot weather. Rain maybe Sunday we did have
several week of rain. Glad your basement stayed dry. I have to
water my plants everyday. I guess Sheila and I need to start dancing for the rain to stop in your area.


Glad the tornados did not hit you. Hopefully the rain will stop soon.

Jean said...

We need rain, but not as much as you're It's getting dry here and they're asking people to cut back on watering the lawns and washing their cars. Glad the tornadoes stayed away from your area. Little Chris is one little cutie. Take care. Jean

jack69 said...

We have good weather here, a little dry. I moved the convertible out of Shirl's basement and the top is down, we don't need rain right NOW! hahaha
Glad to hear the basement has held, so Joe must have gotten it fixed. Good man my buddy Joe.

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