Friday, May 31, 2013

I very carefully peaked out and It is not raining yet. Sounds like more coming today

I know we need rain, make that needed rain, but we need a rest.  We got about pea size hail and it just rained and blew for about an hour last night.  Spunky has learned.  He goes to the hallway and if he doesn’t hear rain on the roof of the back porch, he will go out.  He does not like mud or wet grass.  I watched him pick his way over to his potty place and he was forced to go on the grass, he then got on this bed of rocks we have in an area we could not get anything to grow so it is not that pleasant to walk on. We gathered the rock one day when we were riding around, from along the railroad tracks so you know it is rough.  He walked on that till he got to our area where Joe laid blocks to go out the front gate.  Then proceeded to the back door.  Of courser mud has formed on the blocks we had to the side of the  door, so he carefully nearly tip toed to tiny spots where rock and showed through.  He is supposed to be a hunting dog, but he does not do much that a hunter would do.  I really do not know much.  The last day of May already.  Our tags for our license plates are due .  It was also getting close to the end of filing homestead on taxes on the house.  Joe fills out  the homestead papers.  He finally went down and renewed every thing yesterday. Sometimes he drives me nuts with his “I will do it tomorrow” attitude.  The work on the house next door has stopped for about a week.  It keeps us guessing why.  They own a lot of rental property and I hope he paints the outside of the house.  I keep thinking hat may be why he hasn’t been around much.  No one can paint when it is raining every day. Whoever has the house on the corner that they seized for back taxes is showing a little activity.  They cut down 2 terrible looking trees.  They are keeping the lawn mowed.  So is the guy next door to us.  The ex owner of these houses went to Alabama about 2 months ago to visit her daughter and left all of that junk in the back yard of her house.  Stoves, refrigerators., old tires, you name it, it is out there.  When she took the goat I kind of wondered  if she may not come back.  Can you imagine taking a goat in a van all the  way from Ne. to Alabama??



Funny about the goat. Got a chuckle out of Spunky tiptoeing across the rocks to avoid getting wet.

jack69 said...

Hope the weather moderates and shows some sun for awhile. We need a little rain here. We have a son that will do EVERYTHING tomorrow, doesn't always happen! But I know Joe will. Shucks, you should know by now. hahahaha


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