Saturday, June 1, 2013

Better late than never???

Started fooling with this in the early AM. Should have known better.  As Jack says, “leave it alone”but as Jack  knows I don’t listen very well.  I really don’t know where I screwed up.  I didn’t want to change anything except a picture and wound up not knowing where I was.  Still not sure.  It is colder here today.  Air is off for sure and very windy.  Ron and Kathy got home from Arkansas and they opened their door and said what is that awful smell.  It rained so hard the gutters overflowed, went in the window wells and into the basement.  They got home night before last and was waiting for the insurance adjuster, but he told them he was sure it would not be covered because it would require flood insurance to cover it. That does not seem right. since it didn’t enter  the upstairs at all.Ron said his bathroom he made in the basement  was covered with mud on the floor.  Then of course that would not be so bad but they found things pretty bad with Ron’s dad in Ark.  His dementia  has gotten much worse and he fell off a stool and cracked his head and bled.  Ron said there is no way his wife could have got him up alone.  She would be willing to go into assisted living but she said Duane’s world are the walls that surround the kitchen, bedroom, and where his computer is.  She thinks if they move him out of there he will go into full blown Alzheimer's and a lot of assisted living facilities won’t allow  them to come in.  The great life of growing old.


Paula said...

Seems like basements are a lot of headache but I guess people need them. You seldom see one here. Insurance companies are getting to where they don't cover much but still you have to have it. We have to sign a paper that we do not own certain kinds of dogs and a lot of flood stuff isn't covered here either. Another cute picture of Christopher.

shirl72 said...

I am so sorry about all that rain and the mess it has made.
We are having very hot weather. no rain maybe Sunday. Speaking of getting old,,I received an e-mail this week life and age. The title was Lunch and then it was Winter. We wonder how the years pass so fast. We will be OK. I like the song "Life isjust a bowl of Cherries" then I add there is a pitt along the way. hee hee


It's hard getting old and losing your faculties. I wish them well whatever they decide to do. Sorry to hear about the water damage.

jack69 said...

Yeah dear, we all hit the wrong keys and cry at times. LOL WHERE DID IT GO?, WHERE AM I? And we are not the ones with dementia, I hope.

Sad about the Insurance and the family problems. Yes there are problems when our body outlives our minds.

PS: So keep on playing around with the computer. IT MAKES YOU THINK!!

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