Sunday, June 2, 2013

Will try this again.

I had a nice post written, didn’t even complain to much and it showed up white so you could not read it well.  I was complaining about my daughter who just got on Facebook  a week or 2 ago keeps saying she does not get my e-mails.  It is not only on her smart phone but her e-mail.  She  was not to bad till she joined Facebook.  I told her about Ron and Kathy and her dad in an e-mail and did not hear back so I wrote on Facebook that I was surprised that she had not responded to my e-mail.  She wrote back, What  e-mail so I told her it was a thank you for sending me a 2013-05-319511_27_35_picture of Jack..  He is my step great, great, great grandson.  Jack if you read this I would like to introduce  you to baby Jack.  As you can see he is a happy baby.  He is about  2 and a half months, I think..  I have yet to meet him.  At any rate I think if a person has the email  + their Smartphone and e-mail, they should be able to find the e-mail  one place or another. I don’t think the kids know how to do more than one thing at a time..  My kids are not really kids any more.  They are supposedly responsible adults.???.  Enough drivel. for now.


Forty Pound Sack said...

Good morning, Lucy! That is one gorgeous baby :)

slj said...

Oh, what a the big smile:)
Lol..I will send a text message to my former step-daughters and numerous times they will tell me that they never got them..that is one of the problems with the modern world..They can't say that if we call
Hope you have a great day,

jack69 said...

All us Jacks are cute! hahahaha
Glad you got the picture. There are advantages and disadvantages to this SOCIAL MEDIA stuff.

Nice to be able to communicate, although sometimes it can cut!


Jack is too cute for words.

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