Monday, June 3, 2013

The sun is out and it has become more normal temps for this time of year

Here I am back at the computer with a blank mind.  So what is new.  So Jack you  and Sherry had some graduations to attend.  He is a very handsome man, and I know you are proud of him.  So you and Sherry are going to wander around a little..  Itchy feet.  When I put that heading up there I didn’t mention that the forecast is saying possibly severe storms this afternoon.  I just want it to settle down.  Of course what I want and what I get is 2 different things.  I will wait till I am pretty sure Kathy s gone and then call Ron and see how the basement is coming.  My wishing well is packed  with flowers but not the kind that should be in there.  I usually put small flowers that do not get tall go around the front then I like to put a taller one in the middle.  Since it has done nothing but rain, I picked them out quickly. and headed home.  Decided to take my picture off.  People are probably getting tired of my grand kids.  I don’t have much of aything else.  Must go.


JOHN said...

Thankyou for adding me back to your list.Graduations are always fun.

jack69 said...

I love seeing the grand kids on the top.
Yep we are READY to hit the road.



Hope the weather is not too severe where you are today. It's been scary for sure. Bet your flowers are pretty.

Jean said...

We had some stormy weather yesterday afternoon and the power went off and stayed off a couple of hours. I like the picture of you g-grandchild he's a cutie. Take care. Jean

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