Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Looks Like it rained or is going to rain.

GUESS IT WOULD NOT BE NORMAL IF IT DIDN’T.  I just hope since mother nature is supplying rain generously now, it will be there for the farmers and lawns that needed it, when the time is right.  I really don’t know very much and want to visit some blogs today.  My dear husband gave me his cold, I think.  My eyes burn, sore throat and  drippy nose.  Could be allergies I suppose..  Think I will take a allergy pill and see if that helps.  If not think I will survive..  Grass and weeds have grown up so high where the lady that went to Alabama lived and the little house she still owns.  At least the one on the corner that was taken from her for black taxes, someone is keeping the lawn mowed on that and the one that is next door to us is having someone mow it pretty regular.  At least all of the stoves, refrigerators and piles of trash and god knows what else, doers not multiply since she is in Alabama.  I have a feeling she is just going to stay down there, and ignore the mess she left behind.


jack69 said...

Poor old Joe. I am so sorry he has a cold. Why are you trying to take it from him. LOL

That was a sweet comment on Teachers. Thanks.
Love the Marine's picture. I am proud of him!!!


Sorry to hear you are sick. Hope the allergy pill helps.

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