Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A strange night

Has any one else ever felt that  they were half asleep and half awake most of the night?  I had one of those nights last  night and I don’t like the feeling today.  I am tired.  I am not the best sleeper  anyway but I usually sleep sound for about 4 hours, get up and make the usual trip to the bathroom, then back to bed for a lite sleep until about 5:00 AM.  I can only lay in bed so long cause all of my aches and pains get really wild.  I usually feel rested though, and today I am tired. We got a quite a bit of rain early this morning. I need to quit saying I want it to stop raining or one of these days, it may do just that for to long. It has been a wet cool spring. I took on the daunting task of unwinding my philodendron plant.  I want  to throw it out but I simply can not throw a living plant away.  I just thought of something.  I could set them outside and then they would probably not survive the heat of the summer.  All I would need to do is think I am getting some much needed fresh air.  Joe just appeared so I better go..


Paula said...

I'm not a good sleeper anymore and it can make for a tiring day.


I know just what you mean about sleeping.

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