Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Here goes nothing.  I have little imagination so I miss Live Writer.  Going to do  without.  I got an e-mail from Microsoft saying  to go to control panel and click repair.  It didn't work  So back to the Lucy boring style.  I think I could get used to it really fast.  I tried to tweak my machine last night, brightness and so forth. I found out when it gets deep into the technical things, I am lost.  I just muddle along.  I ran into a section quite a while back that had all the font styles, like Ariel and the they had different style scripts.  I have no idea where it is now.  I remember thinking I would go back and read it better, but I got lost in cyber world.  WE HAD A BEAUTIFUL DAY YESTERDAY!!!  Joe took Spunky to get his toe nails clipped and they weighed him and he has lost 2 more pounds.  Total of 6 lbs since about March.  Our lawn,or enough weeds and grass mixed, it looks like a lawn, is still brown.  We have spots where they are turning green.  Joe is going to try to get his weed eater patched together and at least take the tall ones down.  I hope our lady will still be mowing this year.  The front and the hill is what is hard on Joe. She is going to be 66 and she drives a school bus all school year and then does lawn work. Must close this and get ready for a day.  The same day every day.


jack69 said...

Sounds good to hear of a good day and Joe/Spunky getting out for a walk.
Yeah me too, I find stuff and think I will go back to it but can never find it again. Methinks it hides from me.
((HUGS)) from North CArolina


I wish I had someone to cut our grass. It's a tough job for sure. Congrats to Spunky and you for being persistence.

slj said...

Hello Lucy,
Yay to Spunky for losing the weight...I wish I could lose some..lol..
We have been having wonderful weather here too..it is so nice to have the windows opened..I love it..

Forty Pound Sack said...

wow, maybe I should go on the Spunky diet! He's doing great. Glad you got some beautiful weather. Does a body good, for sure ~

shirl72 said...

Lucy you are boring. I am so glad Spunky has lost more
weight I know he can't believe why he is not getting
his treats. We want him to be around. Bless that
sweet little boy's heart. I hope you are taking care
of yourself.

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