Monday, May 6, 2013


I am  running late again today. Got up figured my check book and promptly wished I had not  Now Jack, I am telling you, if you upgrade to the 2013 or 2012 model of live writer, you will be sorry.  Where the little box comes up for you to make your address of your blog address you type that in and all the necessary info, and you think OK, I AM GOOD TO GO.  No, not so.  the very first page on there says to check the box that says  you are going to put   your old blog in there.   but it is already checked .  Then you can check which outfit hosts your blog.  One problem, WORD PRESS is typed right into that area..  So Just for the heck of it I prayed it was the free kind.  I typed a short note in there and posted it and pushed a button that said it would transfer to live writer.  It didn't post anywhere.  Then WORD PRESS bombards you to get a paid account. What a rip off.  I got  tired of it.  Je is up so I can take my shower so best go.  Now going to poast this and see what the heck it looks like.



After hearing all your trouble with posting, I'm glad I just use the format BLOGGER gives you. Much easier.

jack69 said...

I really do like Live Writer, and thanks for the hint, I will not up grade.
Live Writer has been so handy, but like everything else, they want to upgrade and add bells and whistles and it gets more complicated, etc.

anyway thanks for the heads up.

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
Once again, I would be lost trying to figure out how to do all of hope my blog just gets transferred without my having to do anything or else I am in big

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