Thursday, May 9, 2013

I made my trek to get the mail and got wet

Joe and I are complete zombies at the end of the day for the last 2 days,Joe did laundry and raked up sticks the squirrels chew off the trees  and was going to mow the back yard but just ran out of energy and time.  He is sleeping better since he has been more active.  Raking gets to his back. It seems that is where it gets to both of us.  Old Age????  Joe is a kid compared to me.  I potted my   balloon plant.  The city  is doing something  from The alcoholic neighbors yard north to the end of the block.  Hopefully they will come down here and do the same to ours. They cut out about 4 foot wide all the pavement and laid some black stuff  in it.  I had forgotten that when I was about 21 I came with someone from where I worked out to a bring your own bottle club that was at the end of the block now.  I remember thinking how dark it looked down this way and this was brick road.  I had forgotten that until I noticed  where they cut out the pavement there was the brick.  The club has been gone a long while and when we moved here it was a plumbing outfit and car wash.  Now it is wholesale rugs.  Strange that she asked me to come out with her after we closed at one in the restaurant., and I wound up living here on this street.  Believe it or not I drank straight seven up cause I hate whiskey. Now I would be under the table, with a sip of any of the hard or soft stuff.


jack69 said...

Yeah me 'n Joe IS kids. But we too, feel a 'LITTLE' age creeping up.
Memories, funny how a little thing like seeing the brick, brings back soo many memories.

ps: good idea, stay out from under the table...


Funny how time catches up with us.

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