Friday, May 10, 2013

Strange night for this old lady and computer.

We were like zombies last night.  Joe cut the backyard and did 3 loads of laundry.  I could do it, but he just don't want me to take a chance of falling.  I  planted the rest of my flowers in the wishing well.  I miss my barrel that fell apart after many years.  I kind of squeezed them close together.  Then I fought internet explorer  for nearly 3 hours,  Quite a while back they said IE was corrupted.  I could only run IE 32 bit and could not do much on  that. They  let me know I could get Ie64 if I would follow their rules. So I  downloaded it and  They said that I would need to buy  windows 8 in order to keep my IE.  It was so frustratring because every time I would try to use Internet Explorer It kept taking me to windows 9 and 10 then said i had to buy windows 8  and download it or I could not use IE for anything else.  I do not want windows 8, I don't like it.  They have stopped me, So I went back to Google Chrome.  They were on there to but I could still get all of my programs.  I tried to uninstall.  When I downloaded IE I got tons of add on's and slowed my computer to where i thought I might crash.  I removed at least 10 programs.  I think it is my right, not theirs to chose my program.


jack69 said...

You have more nerve than I, I am afraid to mess with the stuff..

Glad Joseph is helping around the house, and not a negative word. What a man!!!

Love from out here...

Jean said...

Good morning Lucy, I'm like Jack I'm afraid to mess around. lol. You always find your way out when you get stuck on these programs. My desktop computer is an old one so I just stay with the old version of IP. One of these days I might give in and get me a new one. You take care. Jean

shirl72 said...

I get confused just reading what you are doing on your computer. I'm afraid I will get in a mess and cannot get out. I want click anything.

You be careful out in the don't want to fall. I can't do yard work like I use to..I have put my tomatoes in pots and on the deck.

The bird is still sitting on the eggs. She has a safe place and can look out. The
silk flowers in there gives her cover from the outside.


I use IE and am going to get pretty mad if they insist I go to Windows 8. Cause I agree with you Lucy.

slj said...

Hi Lucy,
Can Joe come and do my laundry?? I only have two
I'm with everyone else.. I don't mess around with the computer because I would never find my way back from cyber
Hope you have a wonderful Mothers Day tomorrow:)

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