Sunday, May 12, 2013

Surprise, surprise, I am still here

I am truly amazed that my computer even lets me touch it.  My computer and I have been every where, nearly crashed, slowed to a snails pace.  I am making progress, MAYBE, but what I think and what the computer thinks  is quite different.  I truly believe the computer has a mind of its own and it all comes down to who is the smartest.  I am trying to keep it a secret from it, the computer, that is.  I don't have windows 8 either Jack and if I have my way never will have.  I guess there is a setting in them to where you can revert back to  just plain settings like this.  Kathy has one that Ron bought her for their anniversary and my hair dresser got one and she is young and says she wished she had never bought it but it was on sale.  She keeps her's reverted to this style all the time. I went in Facebook yesterday before I got hung up on trying to change settings and their was a picture of Christopher and his dad and it was a video type so I clicked on it and Nate was handing my little great grandson a small live fish.  Christopher took it and it moved and he screamed and threw it up in the air.  His dad was laughing so hard he could hardly speak but he asked Chris if he wanted to put it back in the water.  Chris looked at his dad like he was out of his mind.  All of his grandmothers thought it was hilarious.  He has a step grandma, 2 grandma and I am a great grandma and then of course his very doting grandma Connie.




jack69 said...

Sounds like you are in a great mood on Mother's day. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

slj said...

Happy Mothers Day Lucy!! Hope you have a great day:)

shirl72 said...

Happy Mother's Day...You and your computer I am like you I think they have their on
mind and what to do their thing.

That is funny about the fish...

Paula said...

Hope you day was nice for Mother's Day and hope your computer at least did you the favor of being nice to you on this your special day.

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