Friday, May 24, 2013

Rain forecast all next week, off and on

Will see if I can get something accomplished today. Not sure how much.  Don’t want to push it cause I do want to go to the 3 cemeteries.  Back is better but I step carefully.  Ron and Kathy are going to Arkansas, I think he said Sunday they will leave.  They will take Buddy the little dog they worship.  Since he has been diagnosed with diabetes he gets 2 shots of insulin a day.  He is doing pretty good for being about 11 years old.  Ron said he thinks he is going blind, but he is still so full of energy and still plays.  They just found out he had it about a month or 2 ago.    The insulin really affects dogs vision early on.  They thought it was happening when he ran through the screen on their patio door.  Ron is going to put something up that he still can see that there is something there. 


jack69 said...

I hope the basement is holding up well under all the rain.

Love ya.


Hope you get to visit the cemeteries and that your back holds out.

shirl72 said...

Hope you enjoy the Holiday. If you visit the cemeteries please
watch your step. We have had lots of rain last night was very
hard. I think we are suppose to have a nice week-end. The
rain keeps me out of the yard..Tell Joe and Spunky I said Hello.
Hope Spunky is not howling at you to much.

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