Saturday, May 25, 2013

We had a big rain about 3:00 this morning

Going to write a quick line this AM.  Joe went to the store yesterday and I took advantage and did a few things that just had to be done..  I vacumed the  house and made Spunky mad at me.  The vacuum  is loud and I suppose hurts his ears.  He gave me hard nosed looks.  Lots of them..  I went out and cut some dead flowers off plant in the wishing well..  Joe knows I vacuumed  but that is all.  My back is a little more stiff but I expected worse.  I just needed to find out how much better it was.  I am going to try to go to Shopko and pick up flowers, real ones for Alan’s grave.  He was for a real Christmas tree,  and all alive..  They don’t last long but the ones I want to get are red, white and blue petunias. They may be sold out but there is bound to be something there  I hate waiting so late but felt I  should not drive before but it should be ok today. Must go for now wand everyone have a good Memorial Day and Do what makes you Happy I am so glad we do not go camping any more.  Discovered it was usually  HOT or raining.  Jack, our basement stayed dry so far but Joe will check today. Have a good day.


slj said...

Good morning Lucy,
I'm glad doing the extra activities didn't cause you any problems..
The red,white and blue petunias sound cute:)
We're going to place flowers on Memorial Day..
Safe travels,

jack69 said...

Have a great weekend and remember those who died in defense of our country..



Have a great weekend. Don't overdo and hurt your back more than it is.

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