Sunday, May 26, 2013

Today for me is a day of remembrances, but every Day s a Day of thinking more strongly of my son. He was in the Navy

It is a day to remember The brave souls  that fought for our country.  My thoughts are,now is the time for our country to pull together and try to stop the violence .  Maybe it has been like this for hundreds of years.  But  to me this past 2 years, and longer it has been war inside of the Democrats and republicans.  When I read on Facebook nasty comments about the president I feel  like  it is not the good old USA any more.  I would not want any president, black, white, republicans  or democrats  to be called names and never given credit for even one good accomplishment..  Today, honor every one in the military, black, white, green or yellow.  I look at the ones that come back from war minus body parts and it makes me sick..  Enough for me.  I did not vote for Obama but it was not because he was black. 

I will get off my soap box now.  My feelings today are so mixed, Disasters like Oklahoma. and so many horrible things have happened. The big hoop-la  over gun control.  One party holding out till the last minute to pass very important legislation or bills..  I am old and I must admit tired  of everything so negative in life..  I will take my sore back to my sons grave, and Marty’s dads grave and Joe’s son and go home.I can’t take the 80 plus miles round trip to go to every  grave this year.  That doesn’t mean I am not thinking of my mom, dad, brothers and sisters, but I know  how much I can do. Like a dummy I waited till yesterday to get  the flowers I wanted to put on the graves we will go to.  To much walking and I feel it today.  Everyone have a good Memorial day.  I will cause I am going to see my son in his place where his body is buried but I know where his soul is and I will be with him someday, and he will say “what took you so long”


jack69 said...

Yes it is a day to think of those men who wore the uniform and have passed on. Some in combat, some from injuries and some from disease and old age, but all loved the country to serve.

Paula said...

A fine entry Lucy. I agree the office of President of the United States of America should have more respect then it gets now days. I didn't vote for Obama either and it was not because he is black, but you won't see me badmouth that office on facebook, blogs, or anywhere else. Hope you are having a nice holiday week-end.


I agree with you Lucy. We all should respect one another as people.

shirl72 said...

Lucy your blog is well written. Our boys fought and died for our
Country that is why we have our Freedom today. GOD BLESS THEM ALL.

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