Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial day is on it’s way out till next year

HPIM0217We made it to all the graves but my camera was not working worth a darn.  That was at Wyuka in the soldiers Circle.  Had not been out since memorial day last year.  Then we headed out to Marty’s dads grave.  He is in a country Cemetery about 10 miles out.

They were working on the grounds. They will have it looking really nice and the people were still there.    It was offered to Lee by a person who owned Arrow Inn.  His grandfather started it many years ago.  It was totally free.  Since the man who gave us this 7 space lot passed away,  I avoid going to the meetings.  They will be having a meeting at 10:00 Am.  O went to a few but knew no one so I donated by mail they say to keep the grounds up.  They mow it once a year  or for a funeral so I don’t say where the cost of upkeep is that great.  Last year Dean Hoy came over and asked who the grave belonged to and he said  I needed to start donating again.  Over the years I have donated enough money to have bought a plot for Lee and I wish I had.. I felt out of place at the meetings so I quit going,but if I had it, I would mail it in.  Last few years  years were slim pickings for us as you know since I  complained  all the time on my blog.  That has been eating at me since he told us he said that to me and ten walked away.  So this year I wrote out a 10dollar check and mailed it out Saturday.  Also  enclosed a rather nasty note telling him he needed to look back on the treasurer’s books and he would see  that I was quite generous for the first 5 years and gradually dwindled down to whatever I had to spare.  He came over and weed entered the  area around Lee’s headstone.  I told him he would have a check in his office when he went in to work Tuesday.  That it was all I could afford.  I also said that I was sorry I buried him there, but  “do not call me a deadbeat” and  then went to Lincoln Memorial and decorated Lee’;s boy’s grave.  And home, sweet home.  I have not been that tired for a long time.  We had Spunky with us and he was tired to.  He made it just halfway from the hall and the living room he just lay down.  It is raining like mad here this morning.  Started around 2:00 AM and still at it..  Glad we got done.  Out of room and going to hit the shower.



They get you coming and going at cemeteries for upkeep. Just do what you can and do not worry about it, Lucy.

slj said...

Hi lucy,
Glad you made it to the cemetery..
We made it too..I talked to the lady in charge and she said she had a couple of complaints about the grass being out of control..I've never noticed that they had a problem before so it was surprising to see it like that..
Don't let anyone make you feel did your part:)

Paula said...

I didn't feel well enough to drive to san antonio to Mel's grave today but i do go through out the year. I dontate to the cemetary where my mama and daddy are buried but sometime you wonder but it's my fault that I don't go to the meetings. I really get upset with John that he doesn't send anything where many of his family are buried because I know it does cost to keep them up.

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