Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We had the grand daddy of storms!!!

Night before we got over 2 inches of rain in less than an hour.  Then last night it rained cat’s and dog’s!  I haven’t heard how much we got yet cause I went to bed.  We had tornado watch or our area, Thunder and lightning.  It looked bad.  It actually was severe Thunder storms, Damaging winds, one place got grapefruit size hail. I don’t know if it is allergies or what but  I was sneezing, nose was like a drippy faucet and I just felt lousy,  Cold one minute and hot the next. I did sleep pretty good.  I took one of Joe’s allergy pills, so I think it is helping already.  I go get mu hair cut tomorrow.  I washed it when I took my shower yesterday morning and  got the goo on it to help the style, turned the dryer on and nothing.  Pushed all the buttons and nothing so I just combed it  and let it dry.  Got a better style than if I had dried it with the hair dryer. I was sitting here looking at a crock pot cookbook and I saw  a recipe for tongue.  Memories came flooding in.  My first husband used to buy that and heart. I would do my best to hide what it really was so the kids would eat it.  I had a hard time eating it also.  Duane said we will just call this roast beef, and I looked at him and said they will see the taste buds.  He argued that they would not even recognize. it.  The first thing all four of them took one look and wanted to know what those round things were on the beef.  I said I cooked it in a pan that left those strange things.  Needless to say, there was usually tongue tucked under plates, napkins had tongue  in them and I am sure our dog got plenty..  Strange how a little thing like that triggers memories.


Paula said...

We've had some nice rain and San Antonio got floods. Rescues with a boat, people evacuated from low places. I know at least one drowning. Always too much and mostly too little around this part of the country. I have never ate tongue and never wanted to. I always said I would rather eat dirt then liver. I guess I should be thankful I never had to eat something I didn't want to except peas. Now I like them, in fact I made pea salad for lunch.


Loved hearing about your memories. My husband grew up eating the heart.

jack69 said...

Ah ha, I see you have always been a little sneaky with hiding food stuffs. LOL Yeah, pretty hard to hide them taste buds. hahaha. You have used some great shots of Chris.

Glad no tornadoes touched on or near you guys. also hope the basement is holding out.

shirl72 said...

Lucy I have never eaten tongue or heart. The expensive resturants
serve odd things. One in Atlanta serves aligator.

Well I guess you will have to raise some birds. I am so glad my
last one took flight this morning. I watch as they tried to get
it out of the house. They would fly around and call fly, fly.
I think the Dad and Mother were teaching it what to do. Finally
out it came and up, up and away. I got the house down and cleaned
it out. Don't want to raise anymore. Two different families have
raised their young there this summer. I love birds but no more
on the porch.

shirl72 said...

Lucy two couples were looking to get that house and raise their
young. I am so glad I took it down immediately. I cleaned it out
and hung it back up. Two birds came and inspected it they could
not believe it was clean. They look and look around like are we
in the right place. After awhile checking and deciding, they left.
That is unbelieble that so many birds wanted that place already
furnished. I think they were all on welfare. I hope you don't
have a welfare group setting up house in your plant. Thank goodness
my birds are gone.

Hope You, Joe and Spunky are doing OK.

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