Saturday, June 8, 2013

Better Late than never, Maybe

Now that my lecture about my aches and pains is over cause I left the room, I will continue to prolong my absence from where Joe is. He needs more coffee.  It is my aches and pains and he need not treat me like I don’t know anything.  Done venting.  We just got 2 bursts of rain and supposed to get more.  I just hope it is not the 60 mile and hour wind and hail the size of a quarter, they were predicting yesterday.  Spunky got caught in the rain doing his duty.  He stayed in that position till he was done.  Rain or no rain and then high tailed it for the house.  I tore out some spent greens left over from the Jonquils I didn’t get to enjoy because they froze.  I did not plan on doing it but  they tore easy and it doesn’t look like a jungle. Next time Joe weed eats he can cut them down shorter.  He needs a new weed eater. He has managed to put parts to 2 together and make it work. He has always used electric but thinks he might like a gas one. Gas is a lot higher so I think if I have anything to do with it it will be electric.  The gas is higher and heavier.  Our lawn lady has not been around and I think it is because she wants to raise the price.    Ron got Joe that self propelled lawn mower and he says it is not hard on him to do it himself.  Since he can’t take Spunky far the exercise may be good for him. His cardiologist told him it would probably be June sometime when his battery will need replaced to his pacemaker and defib.  It is June and we are just waiting.  He came home the same day the last time.


Paula said...

I want to hug that little boy on your header picture. Lucy he is sooo cute.

jack69 said...

Here we go again, picking on my buddy Joe. But that is okay us boys can take it, pour it on!!!! LOL
Cute picture of Christopher. Wow is it that time already? Time for a Battery change? WOW time flies as we age, huh?


shirl72 said...

What a beautiful picture.

Lucy I had a talk with my birds and gave them your address
so looks like they made it. Another bird has taken over
the nest here and sitting on one egg. Be nice to the
out of State birds.
We have also had hard rain and some storms and very hot. What weather we have had this year.


What an adorable header picture. Hope Joe's battery gets replaced soon without incident.

Jean said...

Christopher is one little cutie. Lucy I have a weed eater (I bought mine from Worx’s) that’s battery operated, it’s light and I love it. It wasn't all that expensive either. I've had it over two years. You can buy other brands it doesn't have to be a Worx's. Joe might like one of them. It's raining here again today we need it so I won't complain. Lol. Take care. Jean

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