Sunday, June 9, 2013

Up early again, I was so mad at Joe because he keeps hounding that I don’t get enough sleep and that is why I fall asleep in my chair. but he won’t wake me like I have asked

That is very true, but he could wake me up like I have begged him to because I want to avoiding confrontation with him.  I do not lay in bed until 8:30 every morning.I would if I could sleep.It sort of started when he got up yesterday and then he got up. at 8:30 and I  started favoring my left leg cause it hurts. Then he was on me abbot my medications. Are you overdoing on your meds??? No, I know how and when to take them then it is “ you shouldn’t even  consider a hip replacement since your knee has been giving me trouble”  I have not even considered a hip replacement. I have an appointment  with my Dr. Thurs.  Thought I better explain.  This is my 3 newest great’s and great,great.great grandkids.  No 1 is Jack, My step great, great. great grandson 2nd is Liam and then there is my little Christopher.  Talked to my grandson again last night.  He works on Saturday but called shortly after he got home.  He was outraged that his 2 dogs got 2 of his new BVD’s out of a box he keeps up on a dresser, they were clean, he said.  They must have been playing tug of war because they were in tatters.  He was so outraged, I started laughing at him and before you know it  we were both laughing. His dad  id trying to help him get sober.  His dad knows what  it is like to sober up after losing his home and wfe.


slj said...

Good afternoon Lucy,
lol...just tell Joe to let you be..some of us don't sleep as well during the night..and yes, we sometimes take a snooze during the
Love the pictures of all the little ones..they are all just adorable:)


Doesn't matter where you sleep as long as you get some rest.

jack69 said...

Yeah, you get the ladies sympathy card punches. BUT me'n Joe know ,what with all we talk about. But then I know you are just kidding!!!


Paula said...

I think women just have trouble with sleep patterns more then men. I know I do and the older I get the worse it gets.

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