Monday, June 10, 2013

Well well, I did not wake up till 7:10!!!!

It is supposed to get to 82 today here 90 tomorrow and in the mid to upper 80’s the rest of the week.  I think I can handle that as long as the air conditioner holds up.  It is supposed to switch to  the complaint now, “It is so hot.” Cortland where Ron and Kathy live had their garage sale days.  The fellow that owns storage units  can sell the things  if the people don’t pay for a period of time , so they had a ball yesterday.  They got a electric weed eater yesterday for nothing and it works good.  Ron asked him what he was going to do with it and he said , “throw it away”.  So Joe has a weed eater that works.and is not made up of 2 different weed eaters. Ron got a seed sower with a long handle and it has an attachment that you can change to put different size seeds in it.  I swear somewhere way back in my memory bank I remember my dad had one only it just held one size fits all.  Ron is getting arthritis so bad in his legs and hands every little thing that he can use helps.  Corn  was one of the hardest because they have to be so far apart  to produce decently.  The biggest problem is in the work he does, he sands cars by hand.  It is heavy work and he does it alone because the shop does not produce enough income so he can  have anyone else help him.  I think he finally got a decent sign off the Highway so people know he is there. Kathy got a wicker table and 2 chairs for her yard.  She said the sides let down so you can use it for various things.    She got it all for 15.00.  That lady loves antiques, so she was having a ball.  They were talking to Spunky and he got one of his toys that still squeak and he squeaked and his tail went crazy.  Joe is up so I better get off of here.  We kind of made peace with each other till the next time.



WOW! What great finds you all got. ENJOY them.

jack69 said...

I love those storage bin sales. They had some great luck. Okay, Summer is coming I think.

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