Tuesday, June 25, 2013

change is good????

TRYING to get myself out of a funk.  Learned today that HAVE  to go for a colonoscopy for sure.  I was told several years ago to go in and then several months ago even made the appointment and backed out.  Dr. found out and told me to get an appointment and keep it.  Soonest I have been able to get in is Aug. 6 at 10:15.  I HATE THOSE THINGS.  Don’t mind the procedure but it is the prep for it.  As for the eppley thing, went yesterday and the spinning was gone.  So the little do  hickeys behind my ear may be lined up again.  Balance is still off but she is working on that now.  Still do not think I can do the whole plan, mainly because of the cost after insurance pays.  I did not realize the colon thing was going to catch up with me.  Oh well, if I can get enough improvement that Joe will let me out of his sight  it would be nice.


Now for something funny. At least to us.  I washed my hair and I am trying to let it grow a little longer on top so I have been trying different things with it.  I decided to put the top in rollers today and without thinking about it I walked out and Spunky was laying on the couch half asleep and his head came up and he looked at me like I was a stranger and I said , “it is me Spunky”.  He did not take his eyes off me for quite a while.  I finally went over an scratched his ears and he sniffed and decided it was really me.


Paula said...

Laughing @ Spunky. At our age it's always something, isn't it? To me the color test wasn't so bad, it was just being tied down near the bathroom during the prep.

shirl72 said...

That is so funny about Spunky, I thougt you were going to say he was going to howl to say who are you? When you touched his ear he said "Oh that is the one who feeds me treats" but she looks different...That is a hoot.


so Spunky didn't recognize you with rollers in your hair. too cute.

jack69 said...

It takes a lot to fool a Beagle, but his smeller is THE identifier. You passed the test. LOL

Take care and hope the do hickies behind your ears stay aligned.LOL

Lisa said...

Change I think, I don't know for sure, is good. Hello Lucy, you and Spunky are really cute.

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