Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Paula, I Am Jealous

I have not read your blog but I can tell you enjoyed it. I am saving that for the best part.  I was still having trouble getting the A-Fib under control when they went through here last year or I believe earlier.  Have been a sorry soul every since. They may give me a chance to see them both.  I just feel like I know all of my bloggers as if I had met them personally.  I just got a comment from Lisa and I blogged with her quite a while ago. I go for another treatment today and that caused another 40.00 before they even see me. That is $160.00 in a week. if their was a guarantee it would make me feel better I guess I would be more encouraged, then this thing with the colonoscopy is a must.  So will be having that done.  I have not been on Facebook at all yesterday.  Tomorrow is Ron’s birthday.  He will be 60,or 61.  I think 60.  That is what happens when you have 5 kids and can’t remember what year, they were born but I guess old age is getting to me.


jack69 said...

Yeah, age plays tricks with the kids birthdays even if you only have two. LOL

Yeah it was good to meet Paula, and John is just like Joe, a prince of a man and nothing like you gals describe! LOL ((HUGS))

Paula said...

Yes Lucy we wish you and Joe could have been with us and hope you do get to meet them yet. They are as great as we knew they were. Now about kids ages, I have a method of remembering my two's ages. My oldest daughter is twenty years younger then me so if I can remember my age I'm okay. When I figure that out then my youngest is four years younger then my oldest.


I'm sorry your treatments are so expensive. I thought medicare picked up the expenses for my hubby's.

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