Thursday, June 27, 2013

Birthdays took priority

Today was Ron’s 60th birthday!  Didn’t really talk to him.  Just was lazy getting around.  I have been watching, how advice will win out  with Gabby and her baby.  The pediatrician told them to take the swaddle, whatever that is, away when  they put him to bed.  Apparently whatever it is makes him feel like he is being held.  To make a long story short since doing that, he cries himself to sleep.  Of course it is terribly upsetting to Gabby so she was talking about it on Facebook, getting all kinds of advice.  One person who I know, of but not well told her to let him cry because  he would be successful like her kids, are.  Now I just have to tell you or ask you, how many people think a baby crying himself to sleep is going to make him successful.  I think that is a bit far reaching. I did what felt right to me.  I rocked them if they needed rocked, and I held them if it needed done.  I am going to have to cut this short because of the time.  Terree we have Coventry Advantage, which is a medicare plan that helps with prescriptions.  Most people that have medicare have a supplement and that may be what your husband has.  It has helped and I am being cut back to 2 times a week.  I wish I could afford a supplement.  I still appreciate you giving me the knowledge of how it helped your husband.  Paula, Jack is telling me that John is a peach of a guy and he knows Joe must be and you and I are not telling the truth that they can be difficult????  Lets just say hard to live with.  Jack is full of it!!!  Right?  I know that all of my blogger friends mean a lot to me.  I know Sherry is a sweetheart.  She has to be to put up with that traveling man.  Don’t know what I would do without hearing from them or you or each of you all.  Must go.


slj said...

Hi Lucy,
Happy 60th to Ron:) Won't be too long before I'm there
I'm with you Lucy..babies cry for a reason, even if it's just needing to be held and cuddled..

Jean said...

Happy Birthday to your Ron! I don't think I ever put one of my babies to bed crying. I always like to hold, rock and love on babies, but we have some in our family that didn't want us to do that, it would spoil them they would say. I've got my computer back working, Lol. Take care. Jean


HAPPY BIRTHDAY to RON. I wouldn't want to hear about a baby crying itself to sleep.

Paula said...

I couldn't stand to hear a baby cry until it went to sleep. Maybe we should leave Jack with John and Joe for a week while we go on vacation. Hee hee No not possible but it's a thought. Yes Sherry is a peach of a girl and Jack is pretty grand too but we won't tell him.

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