Friday, June 28, 2013

It is a good day

Really don’t know much new.  I just decided it was a good day today for some reason and still don’t know why.  Maybe  more positive.  That is a switch.  Joe is mowing the front yard and then going to the store.  This is so different with me having appointments, Joe having appointments and Spunky, OF COURSE!  He does very well on the 4th of July.  Fire works doesn’t bother him.  We won’t be setting any of them off but we never forget our alcoholic neighbors.  Be nice if we could.  They will probably haunt us after we are dead.  Positive, no just realistic.   I was pretty sure Spunky looked like he had gained back some weight, and I kept asking Joe is he had increased his food s little and the answer was no.  He finally confessed just once in a while, and not much.  He is taking Spunky down for a bath and toenail clip next week and he will get weighed.  The girl that does his bath and toenails is someone Joe really likes so I am going to put a bug in her ear that  we must not let Spunky get back to where he was.  It is not good for him , but try to tell Joe that.  I can’t make him hear me but he will listen to Manda.



Glad the sounds of fireworks don't bother Spunky cause they are coming up next week.

shirl72 said...

We have fireworks set off in our neighbor, not the bad
ones thank goodness they are the small ones.

I bet Spunky will be happy to go to the beauty shop
for a bath and get his nails done. He will be ready for
a party. I guess I will have a quiet 4th since Jack
and Sherry are on the road....Take care

jack69 said...

Yep fireworks and the 4th coming up. It is a good day, a little warm down here 103 on my gauge.
Joe would not over feed Spunky much, maybe just a little... LOL
((HUGS)) from the Hot San Antonio area.

shirl72 said...

Lucy my 4th will be quiet..House up to street shot
fireworks for about 20 min.tonight. After we had a storm with thunder. I couldn't not tell the difference.
It was a funny. Bang, Bsng, Bang.

Jean said...

We’re having plenty of fire works here to night, (lightning) it has really thundered and lightning for over an hour. I think it's about over, I hope, so I can go to bed. It will be quite here the 4th. we want have any of the children home and Vicky (daughter in law) and her children, Ethan and Lilly are going to her daughters in Miss. Take care. Jean

Claudia said...

The cats will be under the bed....

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