Saturday, June 29, 2013


Seems like  we don’t change voluntarily, they just change us.  I have been running all over  trying to figure out  what is going on.,   I got to “feedlys blog” and never did figure that out.  Looked like they were working on it.  Then I got into Google + and now I am lost.  So we will see when I hit publish if it is going to my blog.  I clicked on facebook on Chrome and got a kind of faint read off  of something to do with the blog.  Looks like it might be published on Facebook. I am bumbling along not knowing what I am doing so  it should be interesting.


jack69 said...

I reckon ole girl that you hit the nail on the head with this insightful comment:
"we don’t change voluntarily, they just change us."

Yep, and we will work around it despite all the fuss, just to show 'em, won't we? ((HUGS))


I hate change too Lucy. Always upsets me.

Paula said...

I always worry when they change something and then somehow someway it works out. Like your good ole' red, white, and blue header. God Bless America!

shirl72 said...

AT&T just changed my e-mail and I don't like it I am
lost most of the time. I couldn't find the word publish
on my blog. Hate changes...why do they do the things
to us. The Government is now controlling our cable TV.
and deciding which chanels we can watch. If we wamt more
we have to buy a little box about as big as a cell phone. It is probably programed to see what Channels
we watch.

Lisa said...

so true Lucy, they change it on us, then they ask for feedback, we are their lab rats. But you are doing way better than well Lucy!

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