Sunday, June 23, 2013

Good Morning, Hope it is a Good day for all

It rained all night so Joe tells me.  I think when I went to sleep I am not sure I woke up till  about 2:00 AM and I slept sound asleep till another wake up call and it was 7Surprised smileo AM.  Joe sad he slept pretty good to.  He helped me put up my Topsy Turvy tomato bag.  If it gets sunny I will take a picture of  my flowers in the wishing well and my 2 tomato plants. Terre and Claudia  thank you for  answering my question about your husbands success.  As usual I like to hear from Claudia, also  since she was a nurse for many years.  Claudia thank you for explaining all the medical questions I have asked  I do believe my body is attacking itself at times.  John, I liked getting a comment from you, about the homeless.I have a lot of mixed feelings about people on welfare. and will explain when I have a shorted entry.  Jack and Sherry, I am so glad you have your “Boys” with you.  My oldest is now 60 and my youngest that talks to me is going to be 58 but they are still boys to me instead of men, and my daughter is my girl, or as I usually say “my only daughter”, or my kids.  They are all out of the home and married for a long time but to me they are still “my kids”.  My oldest would have been 63 had he lived.  My friend Paula who understands and at times sympathizes with me because we both know bohemians and how difficult as well as good to us if they try real hard.  Then there is Jean who is a working nut , and she has a daughter Sheila that likes games on Facebook. I won’t forget SLJ who again is a hard worker.  To me they have stayed with me through thick and thin.  I have never met any of them but they are the best, I hope, friends to me.  And John welcome to my blog.  Terre I love reading your blog.  You don’t go on and on like I do. I get carried away, I know.  I have one more but I can not think of her name right off the bat.  Now that was an easy blog to write. I got about  800.00 worth of  samples for the A-FIB.  I am so grateful for that.  I am a little concerned about Joe’s health and glad he has to go in July 2nd.  Must go.  Oh my, I nearly forgot Shirl, Jacks sister.   She is a very good friend cause she always asks about Spunky and his treats and seems to be a kind, funny person.  Can’t believe she is related to Jack.



I love your blog too Lucy.

shirl72 said...

Thanks for your kind words. You were my first person to blog with when Jack decided I needed a computer to keep me
busy. Jack, Sherry and boys are in Texas right now.
The boys will be flying back in about 7 days to get back to their jobs. Jack and Sherry will continue their travels. I traveled when Jim was alive he was an Aerospace
Engineer so we did lots of traveling. Now I like day trips and back home at night...

Hope you are doing OK. Tell Spunky and Joe Hello...I guess Spunky is still howling for his treats. The little
boy is funny.

Paula said...

Aren't blogging familes the best? If everything goes good John and I will be meeting Sherry and Jack on Tuesday. Wish you were here Lucy.

Sheila Y said...

Thanks for the mention. I hope the therapy helps. I've got a few tomatoes on my plants and a few peppers too. Take care, Sheila

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