Saturday, June 22, 2013

Another day and A Hot one.

It was so hot yesterday along with the humidity it was like being in Texas. Jack I know it is hot in Texas.  But I do believe it was close to being Texas weather here yesterday and supposed to be for the next week. It got up to 98 here and HIGH humidity.  The air conditioner just kept on running.  I hate to see our bill.  Rates have gone up and it was hard enough before.  You can bet your last bottom dollar, I will come up with it.  Jack do, you still have your boys with you?  I got to sleep in my bed last night.  After sitting in that glider and sleeping what little I could sleep, my bed felt like the best bed in the whole wide world.   I hope they don’t decide to do it again.  Will find out Monday.  The therapy person I had, told me their are tiny little disk like things behind each ear a and sometimes they are fine but other times they get out of line and  they just had to try to realign them.  They call it the Eppley maneuver.  I was going to Google that but after Goggling exema and seeing how gross it can be, I will have to try to leave Google alone. John, I admire you for what you and your group are doing.  I worked in a small store where they came in and you actually get to know some of them but you still have to be on guard for shop lifting.  The boss had an old trailer that you haul behind a semi that he just used for storage.  Every night when I got off at ten, I would go out to my car ad there were always about 10 guys  sitting in a circle  drinking what ever they could find but they were not rowdy, at least when I left.  Terre, how long did your husband go for treatment for vertigo?  They have me set up for 8 treatments but if I want to opt out at any time I can.  I am going to give it a try.  Hate to because of the money, over my copay I will have to pay.   It does not help that Joe is so skeptical. Going to get my shower now.  Thanks for all your support, my blogger friends.



My hubby went to six sessions over a period of time. It's not a cure, but it definitely helps.

Paula said...

Hope your treatment helps. Lucy it is really hot here today. our power went off several times lately and it's murder without air.

jack69 said...

I too, hope the treatments work and you get some relief.
Yep the boys are still with us. One sleeps in the recliner the other on the couch. I thought one would sleep on the floor on an air mattress, but they like the arrangement.
((HUGS)) from San Antonio, Texas

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