Friday, June 21, 2013

WOW, what a trip!!!

And it isn't over..  At noon today I can turn my head, up, down,  sleep in my bed. till I go back the 24th  I got  this strange test that I nearly lost my breakfast.  I breezed through the left side of my body test but then she had me turn on my right side with my head hanging down off the table..  She showed me what to do.  Since I breezed through the left side of my body test I figured I would the right.  Wrong!!! She takes my head firmly in her hands and turns it part way and her and the room started spinning.  I managed to keep my breakfast down. Then she does the same thing only as far as she could get my stiffness in my neck. It is so screwed up , my neck from the whip lash and many other things.  Again the wash of dizziness.  I could not turn my head right or left without turning my entire body, upper body had to go with it.  I drove myself and that was quite a trip.  More traffic on 56th than I remembered it, to be especially since I had to take a chance and just go when I thought clear.  The rest of them  wasn’t to bad.  Didn’t have to look both ways very long.  could not move head up or down,  She stressed no bending I no,to them at 8;45. like to pick things up.  That will end at noon and I can move freely.  I go back the 24th.  A real trip. If it keeps me from falling, I will go for it.  Joe s reaction was totally unexpected. He targeted in on  me and told me it would jus be a waste of money,  He was just  not very nice.  My daughter said“mom, if there even a chance that your balance and vertigo will get better. just ignore him.”  Hard to  ignore a stubborn bohemian.

First day of summer and it is to be hot.  It will be hot. like 92, 94,96.  Just not so long ago it was fighting to get in the upper 40’s


Paula said...

Yeah we know thats what you have to do, ignore them and do what you know is best. Sure hope all this helps you out and you feel better.


I hope you get some long term benefit from the therapy.

JOHN said...

Dizziness and stiffneck is no fun.If it helps just a little its worth it.Thankyou for the comment in my Homeless being forced to Move entry.Sad to hear that they are killing each other in your town.We that pray need to stay United for Homelessness and rapid growing drug use·

jack69 said...

Imma hoping it does help. We are in Columbus Texas and it is HOT down here...l


Claudia said...

I had a bout of vertigo a few years back, they admitted me to rule out a stroke. Then I had to go for a few tests, including a spinning chair test.

I was glad I did not eat because I would have thrown it up. The final ruling was I had some virus that caused the vertigo. After about three week or so it went away, but I would have a few bouts of losing my balance for a few months.

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