Thursday, June 20, 2013

Today should be interesting

Somehow I envision myself with this new therapy standing on my head and going in all directions. Now please do not envision  this if you have a queasy stomach.  I of course picture myself getting se sick almost as soon as they move me. Funny part of it is I have always been the one with the strong stomach.  I am sure I will be that person today. Did I ever say I love my bohemian stubborn husband but there are times 

when he is impossible to live with.


He will hover over me till I get out  I conned him in to  thinking I will be late Just to get out of here. I had to be independent  when I was divorced with 4 little ones.  And I was  independent when Lee died and I had 5 fids to support.  we were both 37 when he died, I expected it to be young but not that young.  We old folks deal with life and what life brought us.  Enough of that drivel.  I have been trying to find the picture of neighbors not that the city is making them clean  it spotless. I must go and see how things are set for my quick  escape.

I think I will  cook some macaroni and it will be cool when it comes time to make macaroni salad.  Have a great day today.  It is supposed to get in the nineties today,  Spunky Is getting his treats Shirl.  He howls at me until I give him some dry dog food.One by one and stop after a few and tells him In his way he is as set as his ways as Joe.







jack69 said...

DID YOU ALL HEAR THAT? SHE LOVES JOE! He is also wonderful to live with and watches over her to take care of this independent minded woman, who thinks he doesn't need to. Just wait till Joe sees her standing on her head!!!

Take care lady and good luck. ((HUGS))


Hope the therapy for your vertigo goes well. fingers crossed it works.

shirl72 said...

Hope everything goes well at therapy.

Glad Spunky is getting his treats, I can just hear him
howling. It is good to have someone to worry about you.
Joe is just concerned.

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